Episcopal church of the Mediator

Church History

Front of church

1821 -- Town of Micanopy is founded
1853 -- Presbyterian church organized in Micanopy
1857 -- First Episcopal services held in Micanopy
1873 -- Presbyterians acquired the lot on Cholokka Blvd. where the Church of the Mediator is located today. Shortly after, the Presbyterians built the wood-frame church that still stands today, now owned by The Episcopal Church.
1896 -- Episcopalians had a small frame church on the south side of Seminary Street, between Cholokka Blvd. and Division Street
1910's -- Episcopal services cease.
1920's -- Episcopal church building torn down
1960's -- Presbyterian services cease, building on Cholokka St. is vacant
1966 -- October 16, Episcopal services again conducted in Micanopy, with Archdeacon Fred Yerkes of Jacksonville. The name, Church of the Mediator, is a revival of the name of the earlier church.
1983 -- Easter Day. Father Les Singleton begins serving at the Church of the Mediator
2005 -- August. James Gilbert becomes organist and music director
2007 -- November. Church buys new Kawai grand piano
2007 -- December 16. Father Les Singleton celebrates his 40th ordination anniversary
2013 -- March. Church buys new electronic organ and speaker system. (Building is too small for an appropriate pipe-organ)
2017 -- Father Les Singleton celebrates his 50th ordination anniversary (December 16)
2019 -- Father Les Singleton retires after nearly 37 years as Vicar. Father George Holston becomes interim vicar.


Please join us for services on Sunday at 11:00am and special services as announced
Church of the Mediator -- 501 Cholokka Blvd -- P .O. Box 184 -- Micanopy, FL 32667
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