Church of the Mediator Micanopy, Florida


The Church of the Mediator welcomes you to Micanopy!

All church activities in Micanopy are canceled until further notice due to the ongoing pandemic. Church services are occurring via video conference. Contact us if you would like to be a part of the live service. You can also watch a recording of past services. See the Blog page for the videos.

Fay Baird ringing the church bell 4/16/2020 at 6pm as done during the pandemic.

The Church of the Mediator is a congregation of the Diocese of Florida of The Episcopal Church, in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury.
Mission Statement:
Our vision as an inclusive Christian Church in this community is:
to share God-centered worship
to be a Christ-forgiven people
to serve all our neighbors
while inviting everyone to grow with us in our walk with Christ.

The word “Episcopal” means “having Bishops.” We are part of the Diocese of Florida, served by our Bishop whose cathedral is in Jacksonville. The Episcopal Church in the United States of America is a daughter church of the Church of England. Because of our English heritage, we are often called “Anglicans.” Our present Bishop, the Rt. Rev. John Howard is the 8th Bishop of Florida.

Our mission board and church officers:

  • Senior Warden…Jeffrey L. Forbes
  • Junior Warden…Jim Sparkman
  • Treasurer…Fay Baird
  • Member…George Obenour
  • Member…Tracy Wynn
  • Interim Priest…Fr. George Holston
  • Deacon…Diane Whallon
  • Music Director/Organist…James Gilbert

During this time of staying at home, churches still need your support if they are to re-open when services can resume. You can send your check of support to: Church of the Mediator, PO Box 184, Micanopy, FL 32667. We thank you for that support.