Christmas Eve Service Music, Dec 24, 2020

For our live zoom services our music director provides music from his home. Unfortunately this evening, soon after the onset of bad weather and shortly before the scheduled service start time, the power went out. That left him without any way to provide music for the service.

Below is all the music that would have been part of the service.

Music that would have been in the service.

For a bonus track as it were. Back in 2013 when our music director released his first Christmas Album – A New Old Christmas – he recorded several members of the church and some of his piano students saying the phrase Merry Christmas Petunia. He then took those recordings and made instruments from the various voices. From those he made a pop/electronic recording of We Wish You A Merry Christmas. It definitely isn’t the type of piece we’d ever use in church, but we thought you might appreciate the chance to hear it. (The full album is available on Amazon, Spotify and Apple Music)

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